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Friday Night Raku

Summertime is the right time for raku get-togethers.  BCS will conduct raku firings the 4th Friday in the months of May, June, July and August.  

We have a summer-long sale on Laguna Raku clays: WC-635 and WC-636.  We have 2 lb samples for $2 or you can buy 25 lb. bags:

  • WC-635 - $8.76 for 25 lbs.
  • WC-636 - $9.50 for 25 lbs.

You can use our studio - $5 for a half-day, buy the clay and make your work here. Bisque firing is $1.60 per pound.  Use our studio glazes, including Mayco's Raku glazes (featured on the piece shown here), or use your own.

$25 per person. We'll provide pizza - you bring whatever you wish to drink (adult beverages OK) and your ware to be fired.

Ware Restrictions: 72 square inches maximum - one 12" x 6" piece, two 6" x 6" pieces.  Maximum number of pieces - 3. If you wish to fire larger, or more than 3 pieces, ask us about our gas kiln firing fees.