BCS Store Brochure

We are distributors for many leading brands of clay, glaze, equipment and tools. We order often to keep our stock levels high and inventory current.

Our product assortment includes:

  • Wide range of moist clays in-stock. Volume discounts available.
  • Pre-mixed and dry glazes.
  • Raw materials, priced and packaged in convenient sizes.
  • Earthenware and Stoneware slip manufactured by Mayco. Available in 2 gallon boxes or in bulk. • Earthenware and Stoneware bisque – by the piece or case lots.
  • Casting molds – ordered monthly for pick-up or delivery.
  • Supplies for warm glass making.
  • Studio equipment from major brands: wheels, slab rollers, kilns, extruders, etc.
  • Clay tools, brushes, silkscreens and decorating accessories.
  • Clock and lamp parts, rubber stoppers, bands for casting molds.
  • And any supply you might need for your ceramic business or studio.

Simply stated: if you need a supply to make pottery and ceramics – we have it, or we will special order it for you.