kids on wheelThe studio space at BCS is dedicated to the pursuit of all things ceramic. We offer open studio rental rates, kiln firings and a place to glaze and decorate. Our studio features potter’s wheels, hand building tables, slab roller, clay tools, decorating accessories, brushes and glazes.

We offer a variety of classes for all levels of expertise - beginners to advance students. These classes are taught by BCS staff members and include hand building, wheel work, and glazing. You will find the latest class offerings under the “Events” tab.

Studio Fees

Clay Studio - includes access to all equipment: wheels, extruders, slab rollers. Use of studio tools - stamps, stencils, silkscreens, brushes, etc. Use of studio glazes. Clay must be purchased at BCS. (Pugmill can be rented for $10).

$5 for a half-day, $10 for the entire day.  Studio open during normal store hours unless there is a special event being held.

Glaze Studio - same day rates as above. If you don't have any work of your own you can still complete a glazing project. Choose from our earthenware and stoneware bisque collection - add the cost of the bisque to the studio fee and grab a chair!

Firing Fees

Electric Kilns - cone 04, 06 and cone 6 firings: 10 cents per ounce, $1.60 per pound. $25 per kiln load - larger kilns are $35 per kiln load.

Gas Kiln - raku or cone 10 firings: 15 cents per ounce, $2.40 per pound.  $60 per kiln load.